A major event rich in human contact with a strong regard for nature tourism.

Thanks to our sponsors and institutions, the association will organise the 25th  edition of the “Transcalédonienne” in the Northern and Southern  Provinces the 2nd and 3rd July 2016. As in 2015, special attention will be given to the distance and quality of the welcome.
Registration will be from May 17th  at headquarters, as always a team of three (3) persons mixed or same sex, depending on the option chosen.

1/ TRANSCAL MIXED – Primary race event / challenge
Mixed teams of 3 people. Race of 2 days (approximately 37 km the 1st day and 27 km the 2nd day) – minimum age: 16 years (written parental consent required for minors). 10 000 Francs per person.

Unisex team of 3 people, male or female, race of 2 days (same distance as the Transcal) minimum age: 16 years (written parental consent required for minors). 10 000 Francs per person.
Both races above are for competent, fit and well trained people (Separate ranking)

Team of 3 people, mixed or unisex, single day race, Sunday 3rd  July, approximately 27 km. Minimum. Age : 16 years (written parental consent required for minors). Separate ranking from the TRANS-UNISEX 6000 Francs per person.

5 – 6 / TRANS COOL
Team of 3 people, mixed or unisex. From 14 years (written parental consent required for minors) single day race,
Sunday, 3th July. Approximatively 12 km.
One ranking, 6000 francs per person.

The association DEFI SANTE declines all liability for accidents or injuries suffered by competitors or accompanying persons before, during or after the race. No claims will be considered.

Requirements for all participants

  • A medical certificate – personal insurance
  • Tent for the night – first aid kit (see regulations)
  • Race t-shirts must be of the same color per team and must include on the front left the logo of DEFI-SANTE and on the front right side the competitors full name.
  • Rules and registration forms will be available from May 9th at the headquarters of the association, via the website or at the shop “Licorne Sports”.

Registrations will be accepted from 17th May (only at the association headquarters.)
Closing date for registration Saturday, 25th June before 13h.

You can order your race t-shirt from DEFI-SANTE for 1000 Francs. Payment can be made according to the method on the 2015 website until April 25. The site will  be updated after this date.
Sponsored teams can compete with their sponsor’s logo on the uniform for the sum of 10 000 francs per Team. (Space reserved for sponsor’s logo: bottom front, top back).

Christian PEREZ
BP 4770 – 98847 Nouméa cedex – New Caledonia
Association: Phone + fax : (687) 27 43 47
Email: transcal@mls.nc – Website : www.transcal.nc

Organised by the DEFI SANTE ASSOCIATION. From May 11th onwards, head office address is : 3, rue Marcel Kollen-RECEIVING-BP4770-98847- NOUMEA CEDEX. The DEFI SANTE ASSOCIATION, subject to state law of 1901 (for non-profit organisations ), consists of volunteers sharing their energy and their motivation to organise this large and popular sports event. Our forever main motivation : raising awareness in the New Caledonian population towards health problems, by the organisation of informational meetings in tribes and municipalities crossed by the event, protecting the environment, helping discover the real New Caledonia, the flora as well as the customs and lifestyles of the inhabitants.

Tee shirt Transcalédonienne

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